вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

Happy Women's Day!

RAS with special cancellation "8 of March".

Thanks, Natalya (natalya108)!

Library of Dunrobin Castle near Golspie.

Official DE-861204.

Thank you so much, Lynette!


Thank you so much, Caitlin. 

The Kremlin view from the Cathedral of Crist the Saviour.

RAS card with special cancellation "Museum of the Moscow Kremlin".

Thank you, Natalia (Paultry)!


RAS card with special cancellation "Sochi-2014".

Thank you so much, Maria (raima)!

The Thirteen Desserts of Christmas.

Official FR-135689.
Thanks, JadeTacos.

Gdynia, Poland.

Official PL-187990.
Thanks, Andrea!

Let's be friends...

Wishlist RR.

Thanks, Tatiana (coralfish)!

Ivan Andreyevich Krylov.

RAS card from postcrossing meetup in St. Petersburg!

Thank you very-very much, Tanya (EvgrafovaTanya) and all who signed the card!

Making a movie.


Thanks, Igor (haagstilie)!

Swimming dog.

Wishlist RR.
Thanks, Kate (siguanea).

Dmitriy Nalbandyan - Still Life with Grapes (1978).

Wishlist RR.
Thanks, Suvi (nediam_nori).

Black and white.

Thank you so much, Katya (kill-hattori)!

Chernivtsi. Medical University.

Official UA-80834.

Thanks, Nastya.

Bulgaria - Old winemaking.


Thank you, Fidel!

A cup of tea with lemon.

Cards with stamps you like RR.

Thanks, Oksana (oksana_raz)!

Pink flowers.

Cards with stamps you like RR.

Thanks, Steffi (catty412).

Atheneum Palace Bucharest, Romania.


Thanks, Oana (oanap24)!

Sud Tunisie sent from Czech Republic.

Official CZ-100185.
Thank you, Marta!

среда, 9 марта 2011 г.

Souvenir sheet "Tina Maze and Petra Majdic and Olympic Medals ".

Philatelic RR.
With many thanks to Polona (copacabana)!

Winter horses.

Cards with stamps you like RR.

Thanks a lot, Nastya (Suddenly)!

Congratulations on International Women's Day.

RAS greeting card.

Thank you so much, Igor (igrik)!

Latvian national costumes.

Thank you, Dina (leffka)!

Nikolai Baibakov - a Soviet statesman, economist and Hero of Socialist Labor.

RAS card with special cancellation "The 100th anniversary of birth of Nikolai Baibakov".
With many thanks to Natalya (runa-rn)! 

Memorial House-Museum of S.T. Aksakov in Ufa.

RAS with special cancellation "Memorial House-Museum of S.T. Aksakov in Ufa".
With many thanks to Julia (julasha)!

Goose Flirt by Wolf Erlbruch.

Thank you, Kate (kill-hattori)!

Today we will be like pigs - stylishly. Congratulations!

Official FI-1030726.
Thank you, Sammytin.

понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г.