среда, 13 апреля 2011 г.

Contemporary dance in Brazil.

Official BR-144983.
Thanks a lot, Leo!

Misty cemetery in Amprior, Canada.

Official CA-158290.

Thanks so much, Andrew!

Warszawa, Poland.

Official PL-194740.
Thank you, Dominika!

Minsk. Upper Town. Town Hall Square.

Official BY-157618.
Thank you, Nastya!

View of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Antique lithographs.

RAS with special cancellation "Alexander Nevsky Lavra".
Thank you so much, Natalya (natalya108)!

Suburban Garden, Tyumen.

RAS with special cancellation "The Tyumen region. Premier jour".
Thank you so much, Nadya (Hope79)!


Official CN-341739.
Thank you, Joan!